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I've had many beginners who think they have no talent, but do well once they have a game plan to get started and a few techniques to work with.

  1. Most students are beginners! Even those who have taken classes before may have large gaps in their knowledge and experience, so don't worry about that.

  2. You get to choose your own subject, and use that to learn techniques and concepts. 

  3. Teaching is individualized, so you will go at your own pace.

  4. Personal demos will show you what you need to know, when you are ready to use it.You will also learn a lot from hearing instruction for other students, and are welcome to see their demos as well.

  5. After just two - three classes, you will have enough information to be able to start working at home.

Carrie Fleming has been taking weekly classes here for several years, working on small watercolors of her daughters and figures copied from famous paintings. She learned watercolor techniques and a thorough system of mixing colors. I demonstrated techniques as needed, and coached her through eight classes to complete the painting. The original Payne painting is much darker and colder, with a lot of blues; this version is deliberately warmer.

This series of 8 photographs documents the creation of her first landscape painting -- a loose "copy" of one of Edgar Payne's oil paintings -- which also happens to be her first large watercolor (22x30"). Click on an individual image to see it larger or select Play Slideshow to see the images in order.

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