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From Karl Frey:

The following is taken from an interview with Karl Frey, who was my first student to get into the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena CA, considered (at Stanford) the top art school in the world. He was age 9 when he started taking two classes a month in my studio, and continued until he graduated from High School at age17. He was Pasadena's youngest student, entering at age 18 (average age is 23-24), and was soon on maximum scholarship. Their top student for his last two years, he was the only student in the history of the school (est.1930) to accomplish that feat.  Today he is a professional artist and an art teacher living in Texas. 

“The most helpful class I ever had were watercolor lessons when I was still very young. The brilliant California, purest-water color painter Diane Wallace was my teacher and she made every idea I had seem entirely possible to create. She taught me more than five years of design school and three years of graduate school ever could. It’s all about the work. When I have time to take courses now, I take life drawing workshops so I can practice sketching with a live model. You always need practice.”

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From Craig Herren, Out & About Magazine, March 2009

Each class with Diane is like a master class. My kids learned the process from the beginning by establishing good habits without really knowing it.  The kids are encouraged to create and express their imagination while having the benefit of drawing from a wealth of timely pertinent advice on technique, color choice and composition. At first, I was surprised that my kids could sit and concentrate for that long, but they didn’t want to leave. Next I was impressed with the paintings they brought home. Finally, I’ve come to love watching the subtle but steady improvements and sudden breakthroughs the kids are making.


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